Starting JEE preparation: the right way

The beginning of a new academic session is a time where it is important to explain students on how they should study to conquer JEE and other important engineering entrance exams. Here are a few pointers:

JEE is an exam which will test students on their conceptual knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Math and hence we strongly believe that students should strictly avoid rote learning when preparing for JEE. Students should focus on acquiring deep conceptual knowledge at the beginning and then build up on their speed.

JEE is a low scoring and a different exam from the routine school/board exams. The school exams are information centric exams where as JEE is a thinking based exam. Therefore, while solving JEE questions, students should spend considerable amount of time struggling with the question rather than impatiently referring to solutions. Instead go back to the theory again, look at a related solved example and to the extent possible try to find out the answer yourself. Each challenging question solved by yourself will give you a feeling of confidence and accomplishment.

Whenever you study, study with an active phase of mind. Studying for JEE should not be done like reading a novel where you read it passively. Instead, study with a questioning mind where you predict what is about to follow and also do the derivations yourselves.

At Bakliwal Tutorials, we also encourage students to do group studies. Share knowledge and help each other generously. JEE is a global exam and we are not competing with each other only.

Make full use of your textbook. Important lines should be underlined, important questions should be highlighted and write learnings related to them. This will help you when you revise. You shall instantly be able to recall those important concepts related to the questions, key words highlighted.

Finally, always remember that formal education can help you get a living but it is self education which makes you have a fortune. At Bakliwal Tutorials, we have been observing that the top students are never over dependent on the institute. Instead, they put in required amount of hard work, take responsibilities of their actions and understand that institute can only act as a guide and a support.

I hope and wish that you follow these guidelines to achieve your target of getting into your dream college!

Writer Vaibhav Bakliwal is an IITB alumnus, Vice President of coaching federation of India and director of Bakliwal Tutorials, which produced Maharashtra topper in JEE Main in January, 2020.

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