How to Fill the Weekly Study Planner in BT’s eDiary

In this post, we shall cover in detail the concept behind the “Weekly Study Planner” section in the eDiary given to you. Here, you get to plan your weekly study schedule and monitor the completion of the same. You are expected to set the weekly goals for each subject and jot them down in the table provided. Separate columns have been provided to write the specific date on which you plan to complete these goals and rough time that you would devote towards their completion. Put a tick against the goals as and when you complete them. In a rare case that some of the goals remain incomplete in a particular week, do carry them forward and merge them with your next week’s goals. 

While deciding your goals for the week, do take care of the following points: 

  • Decide concrete goals with amount of study as parameters and write the rough estimate of the time that you would require to achieve it. For example, if you have a goal like “Solve Exercise 1 from Vectors in the BT Study Material”. Then estimate the amount of time you would require to complete the exercise and write it in the required time column.
  • Keep your goals attainable through hard work. Do not be over ambitious while setting them. To begin with you can be liberal in terms of time required to achieve them. Take help from your parents for the first few weeks till you learn to strike the right balance in deciding your goals. 
  • Once a goal is set, treat it as a sacred promise that you have made to yourself and put your heart and soul in completing the goal within the week.
  • See to it that the work you do at home is in line with what you learn in BT classrooms. Do not create a backlog of topics in order to solve all the questions from a particular topic. The questions that you leave unsolved can be solved later when you would revise the topic. 
  • After the first few weeks, see to it that you spend about 30% of your time in revision of past topics and a review of the current topics. It is very IMPORTANT to keep in touch with the topics covered in past while continuing to assimilate new things. So, set some goals accordingly. 
  • Solve at least 10 problems per subject per week by timing yourself in an exam like environment. 
  • For the sake of convenience and uniformity, consider Monday as first day of the week and Sunday as the last. 
  • After every four weeks, review your effort and answer the questions given at the bottom. Be honest and sincere while answering these questions. Ask your parents/local guardians to monitor this planner AT LEAST once in 4 weeks. 

We are sure that a sincere and consistent use of this section would help you in systematic planning of your studies and would improve your academic performance.

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