How to Fill the BTest Analysis Section in BT’s eDiary

In this post, we shall discuss in detail about the principle behind the “BTest Analysis” section of the diary. Here, you get to analyze each and every BTest that would be given by you. This analysis would help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly help you to utilize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. When used consistently and sincerely, we are sure this would help you in improving your performance in a steady manner. 

We expect you to fill in the details of your experience of every BTest. Space is provided to write your general learnings in each BTest in this Diary. To help you start the analysis, here are a few things which you may follow in every BTest. 

  • Write the approximate time that you devoted to each subject during the test 
  • In each subject, see which questions were left unattempted by you, and after understanding the solutions to the same, was it a wise choice. (If the question was doable and you left it then it was a bad choice, but if the question was lengthy/tricky and you left it to solve simpler ones then it was a good choice) 
  • Also see the questions that you attempted and were wrong. After understanding how to solve them, in a few words, write why you did not solve it properly. The reasons may be like you got the concept wrong or your calculations were incorrect or it may have been a silly mistake or something else altogether. It is VERY IMPORTANT you analyze all your mistakes properly and work towards not repeating them. 
  • In every subject also try to get an overall view of which type of questions you mostly under perform in and jot that down. The type of questions me be based on whether they are conceptual, formula based, tricky etc. or may be based on whether they are single option correct, multiple options correct, integer type etc. 
  • Note down the marks in each subject that you got just because you guessed the answer blindly and also note down the marks that you easily could have scored with the same preparation, just by avoiding silly mistakes and by better time management. 
  • A table is given at the start of your analysis to help you keep track of your progress. DO answer these questions correctly and honestly after giving a sincere thought on them. 

Be assured that the few minutes spent on this exercise are going to go a long way in ensuring your steady improvement. 

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