Giving your 100% on the exam day- JEE Mains and Advanced

JEE is not just about memorising and retrieving, it needs the right strategy and perfect execution. So instead of learning anything new now, you may just review main points, write mock tests, be in your best state and give it all that you have on the D day.

As you practise the Mock tests available at the NTA website or otherwise, observe and try different features available. You may use the colour scheme to your advantage. By looking at the palette, you will know how many questions not visited (grey); answered (green); visited but not answered (red), marked for review (purple). 

Finalize a plan (order and time to be spent on each subject etc) for attempting the paper. Follow the round strategy where you solve the easy and moderate questions in the first 2 rounds. Don’t get stuck with a question for very long. Attempt the paper actively to avoid silly mistakes. Even if you are unable to solve few questions in a row, it does not matter; try another one with a fresh attitude.

If I were a student, a day before the exam, I would have just meditated, walked or played, watched something inspiring or humorous for a short while and in general would have been just grateful. Visualising oneself writing the exam and writing it well is also recommended.

Having a proper sleep is very important a night before the exam. If you walk in the evening or play a light sport that you enjoy, it’s quite likely that you will have a sound sleep.

JEE authorities ask you to report 2 hrs before the exam but only let you in 1/ 1.5 hrs before. During this waiting time, you may practise simple breathing and stretching exercises to keep you relaxed and focused.

All these tips will help you to be in flow. Still if anytime you feel worried, that’s ok. Don’t further fuel it, by focusing on it. Performers focus on what they have to do and not on how they are feeling.

I would finally want to conclude by a wonderful quote by Steve Davis (6 times world snooker champion): “I had learned the art of playing as if it means nothing, when it means everything.” Best wishes.

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  • Writer Vaibhav Bakliwal is an IITB alumnus, Vice President of coaching federation of India and director of Bakliwal Tutorials, which produced Maharashtra topper in JEE Main in January, 2020.

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