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KVPY exam consists of two stages – 1) Online Aptitude Test (Science and Math) in November. 2) Interview in January- February, if you clear the aptitude test. Let’s see the advantages and benefits of KVPY examination for JEE and NEET aspirants.
However, this year in 2020 due to covid interview stage was not conducted and results were declared based on Online aptitude test only. Bakliwal Tutorials has produced Pune rank 1 in Both SA (12th Standard) and SX (11th Standard) streams. 14 Students secured ranks in top 500 AIR, 24 students in top 1000 AIR and total 35 students are selected in KVPY 2020.

Exam Pattern for SX stream (12th Standard)
• The examination includes subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology but only 3 out of the 4 needs to be attempted. These exams usually have low cut offs, of the order of 50% and also have time constraints.
• Duration of the examination is 3 hours.
• The examination is conducted in 2 parts. Both parts include questions from all four subjects.
• In part 1, candidates have to attempt any 3 sections (20 x 3 = 60) out of four sections. One mark is allotted for every correct answer and 0.25 marks deducted for incorrect answers.
• In part 2, candidates have to attempt any 2 sections (20 x 2 =40) out of four. Two marks are allotted for every correct answer and 0.5 marks deducted for incorrect answers.
• Candidates must attempt 80 questions in totality.
• Total marks for the question paper are 100.

Exam Pattern for SA stream (11th Standard)
• The examination for the SA stream includes subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Knowledge of Biology till 10th standard is needed as per the exam conducting body. These exams usually have low cut offs, of the order of 50% and also have time constraints. So ideally being a master of all the 4 subjects is not necessary to crack the exam, even in 11th. In 12th standard, as mentioned above, only 3 subjects are assessed.
• The examination is conducted for 3 hours.
• The test is conducted in two parts. The number of questions in part 1 of all the subjects is 60 and part 2 includes 20 questions. It is mandatory to attempt all questions in all the subjects.
• The total marks allotted for the question paper is 100 with a total of 25 marks for each subject.

Benefits of KVPY Examination for JEE Aspirants

  1. The badge of being a KVPY Scholar is a prestigious one and it provides direct admission to top institutes like IISc and the various IISERs. You can also get admission into IIIT- Hyderabad, which is considered as one of the best institutes for computer science.
  2. After clearing KVPY, you will receive scholarship (monthly and yearly) during your basic science course (3 year or 5-year integrated course). The details of the exact scholarship amount are given in the next section.
  3. For JEE aspirants, the KVPY exam is a good opportunity to test concepts understanding and application of concepts in the exam, which is required to clear JEE Main and JEE Advanced.
  4. You will have less pressure of class 12 board or JEE preparation. You will know that you are already qualified to study in top Indian institutes.
  5. KVPY is a tough exam (equivalent to JEE Advanced). Being called a KVPY fellow (scholar) speaks volume of your ability and hard work.
  6. A KVPY scholar is allowed free entry to all National libraries in the country! You will be able to attend all the science camps.
  7. Having qualified and attending interview at such a young age is going to help you in the future, irrespective of whether you are selected for KVPY fellowship or not.

As a science enthusiastic, you can study in India’s top institute i.e., IISc, by clearing KVPY(SA) with a good rank in class 11. If you miss out clearing KVPY in class 11, or if you want to improve your rank, you can attempt KVPY (SX) in class 12, and if required, you can again apply for KVPY (SB) in 1st year of your basic science (B.Sc./B.Stat/ B.S./ B.Math) course.
Monetary Benefits of KVPY

If you clear KVPY, you will receive a scholarship from 1st year onwards of your graduation. The KVPY scholars receive Rs. 5000 monthly scholarship from 1st to 3rd year of B.Sc/ B.Stat/ B.S./ B.Math/ Integrated M.S./M.Sc and an annual contingency grant of Rs.20,000. After three years the scholarship is enhanced to Rs.7,000 per month during M.Sc/ 4th & 5th year of Integrated M.S./ M.Sc and an annual contingency grant of Rs. 28,000.
Note : The scholarship is provided only if you pursue a course in basic science, that is, B.Sc./ B.S./ B.Stat./ B.Math./ Int. M.Sc./ M.S. in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Ecology, Molecular Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Biotechnology, Neurosciences, Bioinformatics, Marine Biology, Geology, Human Biology, Genetics, Biomedical Sciences, Applied Physics, Geophysics, Materials Science or Environmental Science.

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